1. Different Styles of T-Shirt Quilts

    Occasionally, a customer will want a t-shirt quilt that's a little different from the sashed and the framed that I normally offer. So I've come up with a couple of other options. One is the Attic Windows t-shirt quilt pictured on the left which is made using a traditional Attic Windows quilt pattern. It gives somewhat of a three dimensional effect as if you are looking out of a window. Another qui…Read More

  2. Framed T-Shirt Quilts

    Last week I talked about sashed t-shirt quilts. This week, I will tell you about my framed t-shirt quilts. Like the sashed t-shirt quilts, a framed t-shirt quilt also has sashing and cornerstones. The difference is the "frame" of fabric that goes around each t-shirt before the sashing is added. Framed t-shirt quilts end up being several inches wider and longer than sashed t-shirt quilts because of…Read More

  3. Sashed T-Shirt Quilts

    Probably the most popular t-shirt quilt I do is sashed.  Sashing refers to the strips of fabric that are sewn between the t-shirt squares.  The little squares that divide the sashing are called cornerstones. After the sashing, cornerstones and t-shirt squares are all sewn together a border is added.  The term backing is exactly what is says it is. It's the fabric on the back side of the quilt. …Read More

  4. How to Choose T-Shirts for your Quilt

    Many of my customers have so many t-shirts that they have a hard time narrowing them down to a reasonable number to put in a quilt. Some of them show up for appointments with bags and bags and want me to help choose. Although I can help you choose, I really don't know what is most important to you or the person for whom you are having the quilt made.  Here are a few ideas to help you narrow your …Read More

  5. Fundraiser T-Shirt Quilt

    I'm always happy to hear about another successful fundraiser quilt. A retired chemistry teacher had me make a t-shirt quilt out of chemistry related t-shirts to help raise funds for teaching scholarships. I just received this message from her: "It brought in more than I paid for it by quite a bit. I was so excited! Scholarship money for teacher education is so important." She also sent me this pic…Read More

  6. Fourth of July Quilt

    I thought it appropriate to work on a quilt for Camp Hope on the July 4th weekend. I just finished piecing it and will get it quilted and bound before I see Carol Thelen in a couple of weeks. Carol is the founder of Quilts for Camp Hope. As I've mentioned in previous posts, Camp Hope is a treatment facility for military veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, commonly known as PTSD…Read More

  7. Let a Professional Make Your T-Shirt Quilt

    I can certainly understand someone wanting to make their own t-shirt quilt, but there is a lot more to it than meets the eye.  If you are not experienced with a sewing machine or piecing quilts, I wouldn't suggest you try it at home.  There are classes you can take and books you can buy that tell you how to make a t-shirt quilt, but it can become overwhelming if you don't have all the right tool…Read More

  8. A Quilt for Mom

    Most of my customers are moms who are bringing their children's t-shirts to be made into a quilt.  As they look through them, they often tell  me the significance of a particular t-shirt.  Some of them even get teary-eyed and I tell them that maybe they should have one made for themselves as well.  Most don't because we know how moms are about spending on themselves, but a thoughtful husband a…Read More

  9. T-Shirt Quilts for Marathon Runners and Bikers

    Whether you're a marathon biker or a marathon runner, you've accumulated quite a few t-shirts.  You know you can't wear all of them, so why not have some of them made into a t-shirt quilt that you can use and enjoy.  I just completed a quilt for a woman who has ridden in quite a few BP MS150 marathons.  According to their website, this is a two-day fundraising bike riding marathon from Houston …Read More

  10. Order Graduation T-Shirt Quilts Now

    I know that parents of seniors are feeling overwhelmed with all of the end of school activities as well as the prospect of sending their sons and daughters off to college.  It's especially hard when it's the first child to leave the nest.  You can make the transition easier for your senior if you send them off to school or to start a career with a quilt made from the many t-shirts they have accu…Read More