As mentioned last week, I just got back from a trip to San Antonio where my friend Linda and I visited five different quilt shops. All of them were nice, but three stand out in my mind, so I thought I would review the memorable ones. The last one we visited was Memories by the Yard. The first thing I said when we walked in was “we might be here a while”. Located in the northwest part of San Antonio, it is a really big quilt shop, but part of the space is taken up with upholstery fabric. Still, there was a large area of quilting fabric and goodies. In addition to a very large selection of quilting books, they carry a good variety of fabrics from different vendors and that’s something I always like to see. I know it must be hard to decide what to stock, but this store does a good job of pleasing a lot of different tastes. And on the whimsical side, they had a bird cage in the store with a couple of birds and the chirping was quite pleasant. If you get the chance to shop hop, definitely check out Memories by the Yard located at 8015 Mainland in San Antonio.