I thought I would share more pictures from some of the quilt shops I and my friends visited while in Missouri a few weeks ago. We spent a couple of nights in Cameron which is the home of Crossroads Quilting. It was a very nice shop (pictured on the left) with a lot of pre-cuts and a good variety of fabric that we don’t see that much in quilt shops in the Houston area. They also carry a lot of wool. The shop is only about twenty minutes from Missouri Star Quilt Company and it’s definitely worth the visit while you’re in the area.

Another nice quilt shop along Missouri Highway 36 is Cuts and Bolts in Chillicothe. When you drive up to the shop, you aren’t expecting much because the shop looks so small on the outside. But don’t judge a book by its cover. When we walked in the shop, we were amazed at room after room of fabrics and a lot of it was on sale.  The staff was very friendly and we were glad we made the stop at this little jewel of a quilt shop. It is pictured on the right.