One of my relatives recently told me that she didn’t expect me to make a quilt for a wedding gift for all of her grandchildren. (She has twelve.) I told her that I love making them and the first thing I do when I hear of an engagement is to start planning a quilt. I shared with you the one I started for my New York niece and I will share a picture of the completed quilt at a later date. It is going to be in the West Houston Quilter’s Guild show before I send it off to New York. But I do have two to share that I gifted recently. It’s kind of funny that one is so colorful and the other is all shades of gray. When I looked on my niece’s registry, everything she had registered for was gray. The colorful one was made for my nephew and his new bride and she picked out the fabrics herself. It seems like most of the wedding quilts I’ve done lately have been gray, black, and white, so it was fun to do a colorful one for a change. I have another quilt to make for a July wedding and it has grays as well, but I’m adding more color to it. In the meantime, t-shirt quilt orders keep coming in, so get with me to get your quilt on my list.