CrownRoyalQuiltAbout three years ago, I started making quilts from Crown Royal bags.  If you’re not familiar with Crown Royal, it is a whiskey that comes in a cloth bag with the Crown Royal logo on it.  Most of the bags are purple, but Crown Royal also makes specialty whiskeys that come with their own special bag.  There are black, red, blue, green and tan to name a few.  Crown Royal drinkers love to collect the bags and use forCRpillow various things, but I, of course, think the best use is a quilt.  I offer the quilts in various sizes from lap to king.  I also make Crown Royal throw pillows.  It takes anywhere from 32 to 100 or so bags to make a quilt and I find it amusing that when  customers bring their bags, they’re always compelled to tell me that they didn’t drink all of that whiskey by themselves.  I have a separate website dedicated to Crown Royal Quilts and you can take a look there for more details.